How Can Ergonomic Office Workstations Benefit Your Health?

How Can An Ergonomic Office Workstation Benefit Your Health_

When it comes to choosing a workstation, making the best use of the amount and shape of space you have is likely to be your first concern. Cost-effectiveness may be your second. However, ergonomics is fast rising on the list of priorities. […]

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Office Workstation friendly exercises – easy ways to get fit

Office workstation friendly exercise – easy ways to get fit

Office workstation friendly exercises are becoming a much more common sight in the modern working world. If you want to squeeze in five-to-ten minutes of team-building fitness, here’s how to do it as well as a few reasons why you should. Office Workstation friendly exercises to get the whole team healthy All that sitting is good for no-one. It contributes directly to the prevalence of back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injury and the like in the workplace and is linked to serious chronic disease. Even five to fifteen minutes in the office can make for a highly beneficial fitness break and here are a few workouts to try in that time: Rubber neck – This involves sitting up straight […]

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How Quality Office Workstations could save and benefit your business 1000s of dollar


When choosing quality office workstations in Sydney, you need to look at not only how much it costs vs. how long it lasts, but the value of the warranty increased productivity and reduction in workplace absences and injuries that they can contribute to. When it comes to making decisions for the good of the business, the return on investment always has to be considered. However, when it comes to the ROI of office furniture, like modern office workstations, how do you figure out what that might be? Here, we’re going to look at the obvious and the less obvious factors that play a role in figuring it out. The long-term costs of your office furniture When it comes to office […]

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Why you need to start using sit-stand office workstations right away


Though by no means a brand-new development, sit-stand office workstations have been becoming much more popular over the past couple of years as a range of health, work, and mood benefits are being discovered on a regular basis. The risks of spending too much time sitting, even in the workplace, are well known by now. An increased chance of developing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes and key among concerns. As such, the improvement that a stand-up desk can make to your life isn’t to be underestimated. However, rather than simply getting a standing desk, you could gain even more benefit from electric office workstations. These are desks that are designed to change from standing form to sitting or […]

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4 types of Office Workstations your office furniture needs


Let’s take a look at four of the most popular types of office workstations and see why and where they can each be most effective to help you make the best choice possible. What do you look at when you’re choosing workstations for your office? Price and convenience are among the top considerations, but which type best fits the space you have available should be the number one thought on your mind. You need to consider how much room is available, the layout of the space, whether it’s open space or closed office, and ensure you can meet the ergonomic requirements of your team. Types of Office Workstations Corner / L shaped office workstations One of the key benefits of […]

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5 important considerations before you choose Office Workstations in Sydney

considerations before buying office furniture workstations sydney

When it comes to office workstations things to see, it’s all about ensuring that you’re making the best use of your resources. Here, we’re going to look at some of the considerations before buying office workstations in Sydney that can ensure the best use of your space, your money, and your employee’s time. Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right office workstation desks When it comes to kitting out your office, the first thing you’re going to think about is where your team and their equipment goes. However, if you end up going with the first desks you see, you can find yourself with oversized, inconvenient furniture that offers little practical value to your team. It pays to […]

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7 Hottest Office Workstations Trends for 2019

office workstations trends

One thing that has drastically changed is the level of comfort for employees in the workplace. Employers are more aware of how people feel and being in tune about what works for them rather than looking at everyone sitting the same way. So, with all that in mind, it’s essential to get to know the seven hottest office workstations trends for 2019 so that your business can be on point for all involved. The modern working day has changed for all of us in recent years. If it’s not the rise of those engaging in remote work, it’s the fact that an office is no longer a place we sit for eight hours in discomfort and then come home again. […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Office Workstations


The way that you have your office laid out matters more than you think, and the furniture that you have placed around your office is also of high importance – and not just for the aesthetics. Productivity in the office matters, and lousy furniture and an ugly layout all matters in helping to motivate your staff. We spend upwards of eight hours a day in the office, and the last thing we want is to be uncomfortable and feeling sluggish just because the furniture we are using isn’t right. The workstation layout that you have for your office has to be done with precision, and optimising the available space is going to be paramount in the productive areas in the […]

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