7 Hottest Office Workstations Trends for 2019

office workstations trends

One thing that has drastically changed is the level of comfort for employees in the workplace. Employers are more aware of how people feel and being in tune about what works for them rather than looking at everyone sitting the same way. So, with all that in mind, it’s essential to get to know the seven hottest office workstations trends for 2019 so that your business can be on point for all involved.

The modern working day has changed for all of us in recent years. If it’s not the rise of those engaging in remote work, it’s the fact that an office is no longer a place we sit for eight hours in discomfort and then come home again. There’s a lack of fax machines, of bulky desktop computers and dial-up internet connections in favour of drastically new technology, more open workspaces and mobile technology like tablets and laptops.

Here are the Hottest Office Workstations Trends in 2019

Sit-Stand Workstations

Long gone are the days of everyone sitting in straight lines on hard-back chairs for eight hours before clocking off. There are a lot of employers now that want to know what works for their staff in terms of desk space, and being in one position all day doesn’t suit everyone. This is where the sit-stand workstations come in. Staff get the chance to decide what works for them by either sitting or standing to work. Our bodies were not designed to remain seated for hours on end, and the pressure that it puts on the spine and the organs inside can make for uncomfortable seating. Sit-stand desks are more modern, allowing the user to be more productive, creative and have better concentration.

Spin Desk

Built on wheels to improve mobility, the spin desk looks like the bottom half of an exercise bike – for the office. Not only does this enhance concentration by allowing the user to keep a movement going under the desk, but it can also improve circulation without interfering in typing or other desk activities. The best thing for you to do is work out what will be appropriate for your staff, and incorporate options that work for all. It’s essential to research the products on offer thoroughly so that you know you are making the right decision for your office.

App Controlled Office Workstations

As a business, you are likely to expand as you go. Projects are constantly changing and evolving, and when this happens, the needs of your workforce may change, too. No matter the reason for the changes the work environment is sometimes required to change along with it. If you have app controlled office workstations, you can monitor your own key performance indicators and interchange the workstation that you have for the one that you need. You could tap your smartphone to the desk you have, which will then adjust according to the right height that you need for that user from pre-programmed settings in the app.

Fabric Screen With Rails To Hang Office Desk Accessories

A big part of workstation ergonomics is having everything within easy reach. Fabric screens between desks allow people to be friendly and collaborative, while still allowing space to hang office desk accessories. This means that you could order in smaller and more compact desks because people are using the fabric screen for storage rather than the desktop itself. It’s one of the better workspace organisers, too, because it’s in easy reach and means that there is no straining to reach what’s needed. Fabric screens with rails to hang office desk accessories is a smart way to get organised.

Monitor Arms For Multi Monitor Setup

If you are dealing with a sore neck from staring at your monitor in the same space for hours on end, you could benefit from monitor arms for multi monitor setup. These are flexible, as are mounts, and they allow you to make as many adjustments as necessary to the way that your screen tilts as well as its height. You’re then not bound to one viewing position, which is far more comfortable for you. The other benefit is the fact you can move the arm side to side, enabling you to share content with your colleagues. This can help you to improve productivity massively, allowing you space to work on multiple screens.

Activity Based Office Workstations

Collaborative Desking

This one holds a top position in the hottest office workstations trends, The Activity based office workstations is somewhat new in the modern office environment, as it encourages employees not to have ownership of a particular workstation. Instead, it’s a design that gives people versatile spaces to work in, which are task-dependent. Open workspaces with more than one desk are encouraged for team and collaborative working, cubicles could be available for private work, and seamless desking could be right for those who are engaging in learning. Traditional ergonomics are often not addressing group work, so activity based office workstations look at the bigger picture of the office. Investing in this type of workstation can encourage productivity and sociability in the office space – no matter where they sit.

There has been a huge upswing in the number of offices that choose to invest in open-plan and collaborative office workstations. Breaking down cubicle walls between the workforce in an office will encourage an open environment, transitioning from segmentation to open areas where people can mingle adequately. While this may go against the way that most people work, having been used to total privacy and quiet, it doesn’t foster engagement and teamwork. By breaking down those walls, employers are able to increase emotional and social wellbeing in the office space. Pulling down tall walls in favour of smaller dividing walls can encourage a better work ethic and a friendlier environment where people can get to know each other better.

The choice is yours when it comes to your office workstations, but these seven options are the top of the crop for 2019. All you need to do now is bring in the office workstation specialists to help you plan your office layout and what you need for your staff to be as comfortable as possible.

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