How Quality Office Workstations could save and benefit your business 1000s of dollar


When choosing quality office workstations in Sydney, you need to look at not only how much it costs vs. how long it lasts, but the value of the warranty increased productivity and reduction in workplace absences and injuries that they can contribute to.

When it comes to making decisions for the good of the business, the return on investment always has to be considered. However, when it comes to the ROI of office furniture, like modern office workstations, how do you figure out what that might be? Here, we’re going to look at the obvious and the less obvious factors that play a role in figuring it out.

quality office workstations save $1000s

The long-term costs of your office furniture

When it comes to office furniture in general, the urge is always there to save and buy the cheapest that’s readily available. So long as it works, it’s good enough, right? However, the truth is that all workstations have to give at some point, it’s simply a matter of when. If you invest in quality office workstations, you’re not simply investing in furniture that feels and looks better. You’re investing in furniture that’s likely to last much longer, too.

When it comes to flat pack furniture, for instance, it’s likely to suffer exterior surface damage due to low-quality materials. Most cheap workstations are made of MDF (or medium density fibreboard) which has a lifespan that’s anywhere between 10% and 25% of real wood’s. Modern office workstations are getting a lot less expensive thanks to cheap manufacturing, but there are up to ten times to value when you invest in real quality.

It’s worth the warranty

Given that all workstations have to give eventually, what’s your guarantee that yours won’t give before its time? Well, when you buy modern office workstations in Sydney, it could mean that you’re protected by a warranty.

Workstations Sydney offers a warranty with all of our products. This means that if yours breaks from standard use before the agreed time, you’re covered for the costs. Quality workstations come with warranties of up to 10 years.

Cheaper furniture may have a warranty that only covers 2 years. So, if you need to replace furniture every time a warranty ends, that means you are spending five times every time you should only spend once.

If you invest in cheap workstations from providers that don’t offer warranties, then you have literally no guarantee on how much of its supposed lifespan you’re going to see before it breaks down on you.

Besides a warranty with every workstation, good providers should have a quality policy that ensures that products and manufacturing are constantly being measured and improved to ensure you get the best product with the longest lifespan possible. Most quality office workstations last well beyond their warranty, but it’s good to have that assurance there.

The ergonomic effect

In the average modern workplace, ergonomics is the word on the lips of team members and managers across the world. But can you apply a real value to ergonomics?

Modern office workspaces help your team avoid repetitive strain injury, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more. These are commonly known as musculoskeletal disorders.

Work-related MSDs make up 34% of all workplace injuries. The average worker with these injuries spends an average of 12 days off every year. Good ergonomics can reduce the prevalence of these issues by up to 60%. Depending on the size of your team, it’s not difficult to imagine that a 60% reduction of 34% of all workplace injuries could save you thousands alone. You’re paying less for time lost, as well as saving in worker’s compensation insurance.

Measuring money in man hours

The ergonomic advantages offered by modern office workstations doesn’t just reduce the likelihood of people taking a sick day because they have a sore back, neck, or shoulders. They are also more likely to make better use of the hours they have in the day. Ergonomics has a direct effect on the productivity of you and your team.

For instance, buying modern office workstations in Sydney like a standing desk has shown in one study to make team members up to 46%. So, say an office administrator is paid the average wage of $23.80 an hour. Let’s say they work that average 1,676 hours annually.

If they’re working at their usual productivity, it’s $23.80 x 1,676 hours, which is $39,888.80 a year. 46% of that is approximately $18.348.84 of added value. That’s just for one employee.

The cost of sitting sickness

When it comes to modern office workstations, many will think of standing desks first and foremost. We’ve already covered the money to be made through increased productivity, but what about the health implications of sitting vs. standing? Spending all day sitting is shown to increase the likelihood of obesity, as well as having a link to both heart disease (including cardiovascular episodes), as well as diabetes. Altogether, these are known as “sitting sickness.”

A UK study has shown that health issues cost the average firm of 250 people a dramatic £4,800 per week or around $8.967 due to sickness absence. It’s not too difficult to scale that to the size of your team. A wellness program tackling the health issues often related to sitting can reduce sick days off from the workplace by up to 42%. Added on top of the other benefits of improved ergonomics and increased productivity, and the money you save can be staggering.

Quality office workstations can easily save you 1000s of dollars

Through careful research of workplace injuries and illness, and the impact of quality ergonomics and design, we’ve been able to discover that saying modern office workstations save you 1,000s of dollars per year might even be conservative. If your team is big enough, it can save you 10,000s of dollars.

When you buy office workstations in Sydney, make sure you invest in quality. It’s good for the health of your team, your workplace culture, and your business. Take a look at some of the products available at Workstations Sydney and start making a better investment today.

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