Why you need to start using sit-stand office workstations right away


Though by no means a brand-new development, sit-stand office workstations have been becoming much more popular over the past couple of years as a range of health, work, and mood benefits are being discovered on a regular basis.

The risks of spending too much time sitting, even in the workplace, are well known by now. An increased chance of developing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes and key among concerns.

As such, the improvement that a stand-up desk can make to your life isn’t to be underestimated. However, rather than simply getting a standing desk, you could gain even more benefit from electric office workstations. These are desks that are designed to change from standing form to sitting or vice-versa as and when you need it. Furthermore, they’re height adjustable, which offers even more benefit in and of itself. Here, we’re going to look at why you need to get yourself a sit-stand office workstation as soon as possible.

sit-stand office workstations

The long-term health benefits

First and most importantly, you need to consider how they affect your health. Several studies have been done on the effectiveness of simply stand a little more throughout your day. A sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting around all day shows a correlation with a 90% increased risk of fatal heart disease.

When it comes to weight gain and obesity, the benefits are just as profound. A stand-up desk could lead to much as 750 more calories burned every week. While that doesn’t mean that sitting alone with the help you lose weight, it does mean that it offers your best chances of maintaining a healthy body weight when combined with diet and exercise. Simply standing takes more energy than sitting down.

Obesity is one of the leading risk factors of not only heart disease but also type 2 diabetes. It’s one of the most common chronic diseases around at the moment. Alternating between sitting and standing has already been shown to reduce blood sugar spikes in some studies.

Combined with the help that sit-stand office workstations offer in fighting weight gain, they can offer some real help in reducing the risk of diabetes.

Fixing your back pain

The most common form of chronic pain, as well as the leading cause of disabilities that interfere with work, 1-in-5 adults deal with back pain at some point or another. It’s no secret that sitting all day can greatly contribute to this, either.

The impact of standing office workstations on back pain has already shown in multiple studies a reduction of upper back and neck pain by 54% with only an hour of standing each day. Over a longer period of time, it could offer even greater relief.

Improved ergonomics

Standing benefits your back, but a height adjustable workstation could offer even better office ergonomics. When it comes to working at a desk, there are three things that need to be considered above all else. The top of your monitor should be at your eye level, the keyboard should be level with your elbows (so you’re not reaching up or down to type), and your feet should be firmly on the ground, seated or standing.

The fact that both standing and sitting height is adjustable greatly helps improve your positioning with all of these factors. You can ensure that your weight is distributed evenly and that your body isn’t undergoing any unnecessary strain. Not only does this combat back pain, but also decreases the risk of neck pain and repetitive strain injury, which is all too common with those who spend all day working at a keyboard.

It makes you feel better

Just as too much sitting has been linked to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease, it has even been linked to mental illness. Those who spend all day sitting are a greater risk of developing depression or anxiety.

Though the impact of standing on mood is still being studied, one 7-week study showed that participants using standing office workstations were feeling less stress and fatigue at the end of the workday. The majority of participants highlighted specific benefits in regard to their mood, as well. The vast majority felt more comfortable, energised, and even happier simply as a result of standing at work rather than sitting all day.

Furthermore, the overall moods of the participants seemed to return back to their original levels when the electric office workstations were removed once again. Though there’s still plenty of research to be done on this benefit, the findings so far align perfectly with the understanding that a sedentary lifestyle has a net negative impact on mood and mental wellbeing. Of course, those who spend more time sitting are likely to also be dealing with chronic pain and this can also have an impact on mood.

You might even work better

Productivity is a key concern when first considering a height adjustable workstation. You may rightly worry that a change in position might make certain tasks like typing or talking on the phone more difficult. Yet, there’s been no evidence to suggest that you will suffer any negative consequences as a result of simply doing the work on your feet instead.

During the aforementioned study, more than half the participants self-reported that they felt “more productive.” Furthermore, standing more led to no increase in errors like typos. Combined with the positive impact on mood and the reduced chance of aches, this can all contribute to a much more productive work day.

Discover the benefits of the sit-stand office workstations today

A more comfortable office, a more productive and energetic work day, and a real positive impact on your long-term health are some very significant reasons to think about making the switch to a height adjustable desk.

If you want to make the switch, then take a look at the products available from Workstations Sydney for the latest and greatest sit stand office workstations on the market. Your job could be a lot less of a pain, not to mention less of a danger to your health, with the right workspace.

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