Office Workstation friendly exercises – easy ways to get fit

Office workstation friendly exercise – easy ways to get fit

Office workstation friendly exercises are becoming a much more common sight in the modern working world. If you want to squeeze in five-to-ten minutes of team-building fitness, here’s how to do it as well as a few reasons why you should.

Office Workstation friendly exercises to get the whole team healthy

All that sitting is good for no-one. It contributes directly to the prevalence of back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injury and the like in the workplace and is linked to serious chronic disease. Even five to fifteen minutes in the office can make for a highly beneficial fitness break and here are a few workouts to try in that time:

office workstation friendly exercises
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  • Rubber neck – This involves sitting up straight and rolling your head down to your right shoulder. Hold it for five seconds, then do the other side.
  • Wrist exercises – Fight the keyboard strain by raising your hands straight up to the sky, facing your palms upwards and spreading your fingers. Hold that for ten seconds before slowly turning your hands downwards. This time, you want your palms facing upwards with the backs of your hands aimed at the floor for another ten seconds.
  • Leg planks – Sit on the very edge of your seat with your feet planted on the ground. Slowly raise one leg until it’s in a straight line parallel with the floor. Hold that position for ten seconds.
  • Shrugs – These can be done standing or sitting. Simply sit or stand straight and raise your shoulders to your ears for ten seconds and slowly release them again, ten times in a row.
  • Tricep dips – If you have a stationary chair, move to the front like you’re sitting on the air in front of it with your hands holding you up by placing flat on the chair. Bend your elbows and lower your body as close as you can to the chair then straighten your arms again for 10-20 dips.
  • Standing push-ups – If you have stand up office workstations, then you don’t have to get down on the ground. Providing that it’s a quality workstation that can support your weight, you can extend your hands out to grasp the edge of the desk. From there, you lower and raise yourself using your arms alone like you would with a normal push-up.
  • Hamstring curls – These can be done by using a table but stand up office workstations offer better support. Hold onto the desk and raise your foot up to your rear from behind. Hold onto your foot for five seconds before extending your leg again. Repeat this ten times.

Try getting the whole team involved in your office exercises and you could start seeing a marked improvement in the mood, health, and even productivity of your team. These are just a few examples, you’ll be able to find plenty more to add to the routine with a little research.

The benefits of office workstation friendly exercises

Now that we’ve looked at some of the exercises that you and your team can start implementing in the workplace, it’s time to look at why you want to do it. After all, exercising in the workplace might not immediately sound like anyone’s idea of fun. However, the office desk exercises listed above could bring a range of benefits for you and your team. Here are just a few examples:

  • A great team-building exercise – Team Building is valued by just about every manager and business owner, helping them function better in collaborative settings. An office workout could be something that everyone joins. With that kind of common goal, support and assistance is naturally going to be given freely. This support and cooperation can reflect just as well on their work performance, and it can help develop positive working relationships.
  • Beat back the stresses of work – For many people, work and stress go hand in hand. While some people get a productivity boost under short periods of stress, in the long-term, it leads to burnout, increased risk of musculoskeletal disorders like chronic back pain, and makes it harder to make effective decisions. Daily exercising is one of the best stress-busting tools that there is, helping to keep the atmosphere healthy and positive.
  • Keep the mood and the productivity high – Any experienced business owner knows that happy employees are productive employees. Beyond cutting the stress from their lives, the camaraderie and sense of progression towards a goal with exercise helps to make people much happier after a workout. During exercise, we release endorphins, which are a natural mood-booster, too. All of this helps when that positive attitude is invested back into the work.
  • Give them a midday energy boost – As the workday goes on, our focus naturally begins to dull somewhat. While you might think that a workout would tire your team out, the truth is that it does the opposite. A quick workout break makes your team much sharper and more alert since it directly increases healthy blood flow to the brain. Instead of flagging after lunch, they’ll be picking up their second wind.
  • Cut the costs of illness and injuries – A sedentary work life is not good for your team’s health. Beyond the stress implications, it leads to a great risk of issues like back pain and repetitive strain injury, which are among the most common workplace injuries. Furthermore, it increases the risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Studies have shown that improving wellness, partly through exercise, can cut over a third of absences.
  • It saves you money – With fewer workplace injuries and illnesses, you’re losing fewer man hours and paying less in worker’s compensation. Similarly, with a healthy company culture and a confidence that the employees have that you’re invested in their health, you can reduce your employee turnover, meaning you spend less on rehiring.

Above all else, it’s simply fun to get everyone involved in something that isn’t directly work related. It can contribute in small part to a much healthier and happier work culture throughout the team, beyond the benefits it’s doing for their health and your pocket.

Inject a healthier culture into your business

Office desk exercises don’t have to take too long to have a huge positive effect. When you choose office workstations in Sydney, whether they’re 2-person, 4-person, or 6-person, make sure they have a little room for a workout, as well as the ergonomics to keep your team in good health.

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